Saturday, January 2, 2016

December 31, 2015

New Year's Eve 2015!

We went to my dad's house to celebrate Christmas with him, my step-mom, and my grandma. We had lunch, ate sweets, and exchanged gifts. It was a nice way to spend the last day of 2015.

Over the river and through the woods, to Papa's house we go.

My dad and his grandsons.

Apparently this "O" face is Henry's new thing, even when he's passing out presents.

Jacob and his new Wild jersey. He was pretty excited.

Jacob and Nikki both got Wild jerseys.

Aleah, Henry, and Jacob watching screens.

Tyrannosaurus arm wrestling: I was almost laughing too hard to take these pics.

Telling stories about toy grinders. It's a long story.
When we got home we set up our new toys: mine was this cool looking alarm clock that keeps track of your sleep and tells you if the room conditions are optimal for sleeping. (The future; it's here.)

And Henry's Tetris light is the perfect light for his new desk. You can move the pieces around and create new shapes, as long as the metal edges are touching all the pieces will light up. 

In the evening we celebrated New Year's eve with crackers, pasta carbonara, and a Netflix countdown.
Happy New Year!

Henry loved the special juice: sprite and pineapple juice.

Hello 2016!

And with that December Daily 2015 is over! It has been a fun month, and as always I'm so grateful for this project. It helps me enjoy and document this one month out of our lives, and I love that so many of our friends and family end up in the project as well. 
Goodbye 2015, you were good to us. Bring on the new adventures 2016, we're ready for you!

Friday, January 1, 2016

December 30, 2015

Mt day started with a trip to Ikea to buy three pieces of furniture for Henry's room.

The Minneapolis Ikea store

Operation rearrange Henry's room: this is the "during" photo. The dresser and the red chair left his room and the bookcase moved to make room for his new desk and Lego cabinet. 

Henry spent the afternoon at the Wood Lake Nature Center for their Winter Fiesta. They snowshoed, played snow tag, and roasted marshmallows. Here they are learning about the history of snow shoes. 

Henry's friend Sullivan attended as well, and they had fun together.

The cats got a new motorized mouse toy. They both like it, and don't mind being close to each other while they figure out how to kill the mice. 

While Henry was gone I finished moving all the furniture and building his desk. Hooray!

When Henry came back we built the Lego cabinet together.

The Master Builder at work

Lego cabinet complete! Now just have to sort all those Legos. 
After dinner we played Lego Movie on the Wii U.

This is the first day in Henry's life that the big red chair isn't in his room. The upholstered rocking chair was the first and most expensive piece of furniture we purchased for Henry's nursery and it's been in his room ever since. But it's a big, chunky chair and was taking up too much real estate in Henry's small room. So it had to go. One more step on the evolution of Henry's room from nursery to big kid room.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

December 29, 2015

It snowed last night!

I love when it snows, especially on days where I don't have to drive anywhere. Thanks mother nature.

Henry's friend Amaya sent a message in the morning saying she was going to be sledding at the school near our house and to meet her there if we were free. We put on all our snow gear and met Amaya and her mom at the park. The kids sledded for about a half hour, and then came over to our house for cocoa and playing.

In the afternoon Luke and I went to see the Hateful 8 in 70mm at Southdale. Henry got to play with Nana all afternoon, and he did not want to leave when I came to pick him up after the movie.

Snowy branches

Undisturbed snow is the best kind of snow

The sledding hill was busy today. I'm always amazed how many kids live in our neighborhood, they all come out of the woodwork on snowy days. My favorite kids of the day were two boys that asked, very politely, to borrow one of our four sleds. One of the boys had the biggest, puffiest fur hat I've ever seen and the other was carrying a stick with a flag on the end. They looked so funny going down the hill together, like a modern day Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer. They returned our sled after going down a few times, and soon after a man drove up in a van and handed us a sled. He said his mom was throwing it out but he knew there'd be kids at the park that would want it. I gave it to the boys and they were thrilled. 

Anna (Amaya's mom), Henry, and Amaya going down for a fast run

Me, Henry, and Amaya

Making their silly faces

Nana was out shoveling when we arrived to drop Henry off, wearing the cutest red hat, red boots, and pushing a red shovel. 

Luke and I headed to Southdale to see the Hateful 8 Roadshow in 70mm. It was great, I'm glad we were able to see it in the theater. 

December 28, 2015

Happy Birthday to Luke!

Today we stayed in pajamas most of the day and played lots of Wii U; Mario Kart and the Lego Movie game have been most popular.

I spent a good chunk of the day cooking. Halal food cart for dinner followed by banana cream pie for dessert. It was a delicious night.

The snow storm started around dinner time and lasted throughout the evening. Can't wait to go play in the snow tomorrow!

Making pie crust in the food processor

Halal food truck: rice, chicken, WHITE SAUCE, tomatoes, lettuce and chili oil. Yum, the best plate of food. Period.

The birthday boy in his new cowboy shirt.

Banana cream pie. I had extra crust so I used my new cat cookie cutter to cut a topper for this cute little pie.

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you!

The card Henry made for Dad. I helped make the astronaut but the rest was all Henry's ideas and execution. 

December 27, 2015

We had a beautiful, sunny Christmas morning at Nanny and Nana's house. Henry slept in until 8 and was the first one upstairs. He opened his stocking to find Stampy Cat stickers, which he was very excited about. The adults drank coffee while we waited for the other kids to wake up, and once everyone was awake we passed out presents and took turns opening. After presents we ate a delicious egg bake for breakfast and played with some of our toys before heading home.

Pretty tree in the morning light.

Stampy stickers

Jacob is awake and opening his stocking. 

The Japanese cat bank that everyone loved.

The dogs know where to go for snuggles

The boys got matching minecraft sweatshirts. They are so cool!

Henry threatening to rip Nana's wrapping paper. She likes to open things very carefully and keep the paper intact. 

Henry Potter!

Don't you just want to tickle him??

The geoflux was the coolest toy of Christmas. It's can lay flat as wrings, or expand out to that cool intertwined shape Aleah's holding. It can also crawl up and down your arm and be transferred from one arm to another. Fun for hours!


Henry with the geoflux on his arm.

Penguin garland is so cute!
Back at home we let Henry open his giant chocolate coin and play more Wii U games. It was a fun and relaxing afternoon.